Privacy and Security

All transactions are made without usage of real names, web-analytics and any traces on servers. All day access from all over the world - Crypto.Deals is over the politics and regional limitation.

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Lack of details
Lack of users’ contact details
No logging
No logs and web analytics
OTR encryption and access from TOR network
Servers are located in Switzerland
Protected by EU laws

Confidentiality is paramount

Cryptocurrency operations are initially anonymous, that is they are not related to a specific person. But there are mechanisms for transaction tracking, which allows you to indirectly identify transaction participants. Moreover, web-analytics used by most sites are able to transmit confidential information about users to a third party.

Developing Crypto.Deals we tried to protect cryptocurrency users against all risks associated with confidentiality and safety. That is why it is possible to register without personal details specification.

Transparency and absence of geographical barriers

Access to the service is not limited by geographical or political barriers. The ability to work through TOR network allows you to use the exchange even if provider will block it.

Any communication between sellers and purchasers is encrypted and is not available to third parties. To resolve conflict situations, a user can give an access to the service administration by providing an encryption key.

The servers are protected by Swiss laws

Crypto.Deals servers are located in Switzerland and legally protected by Swiss data protection laws. The legislative policy of this country is tougher regarding disclosure of confidential information than in Europe or the US. Even a request for data transfer within international cooperation agreements must strictly correspond to Swiss laws.

As in other countries, Switzerland has a local law on interception of electronic communications (SPTT), but it concerns only Internet service providers. Since Crypto.Deals is not a provider, we have no obligation to transfer users' communications to anyone. That is why the exchange uses the OTR encryption technology, which hides messages of transaction participants even from the administrators of Crypto.Deals.

Open Source Encryption

Crypto.Deals internal systems use industry-recognized AES and RSA security protocols based on open source software.

  • The use of Open Source technologies allows us to be sure that there are no "trapdoors" in encryption protocols that could be used by a third party to access users' information.
  • Communications of the Crypto.Deals users are protected by OTR encryption, all information is transmitted in an encrypted form from one user to another. Even Crypto.Deals servers do not have a key for messages decryption and simply forward secured packets to the addressee.