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Universal set of tools for safe transactions: purchase and sell of cryptocurrency, escrow and secure multi-currency wallet.

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Crypto.Deals is the first truly anonymous exchange for buying and selling of cryptocurrency. Our users exchange money directly, and the service ensures completion of transactions by parties and their mutual anonymity.

  • Cryptocurrency purchase or sell for dollars, euros, rubles and other currencies using your bank account, credit card or electronic payment systems.
  • Be absolutely anonymous. Online chatting is available on the site only for participants of the transaction, all messages are encrypted using OTR (open-source software) technology. Thus even administration of the Crypto.Deals cannot access messages of users, until they give them a special key, which is generated on the user side when initiating the transaction. Moreover, our servers do not require contact details, do not store IP-addresses, do not use web-analytics and do not maintain transaction logs.
  • Make safe transactions without financial risks. We place a hold equal to the transaction amount on the account before the end of the deal. This scheme guarantees the seller the receipt of money, and the purchaser - the provision of services.
  • Crypto.Deals is available from TOR-network on cryptodealcye5tm.onion
  • Responsive customer care team
  • Instant funds transfers between Crypto.Deals users
  • We follow your forks and add them to your multi-currency wallet
To evaluate all advantages of Crypto.Deals, it's enough to get a personal ID. We do not need your e-mail or a phone number.
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A new type of a currency exchange

Most services require a passport or a bid bond to buy or to sell cryptocurrency. To guarantee that the transaction will be made as well as to save the user's anonymity, Crypto.Deals does not require any contact details and works with abstract clients IDs. Therefore, money can be cashed immediately after getting the id. It's also easy to shop at online-stores that accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is prone to significant exchange fluctuations, so speculating on Crypto.Deals is more profitable than ordinary currency trading. Transactions are conducted here faster, which allows you to profit off even small currency rate jumps.

Secure multi-currency wallet

The wallet is convenient not only for paying for goods and services all around the world, but also for keeping cash assets. Cryptocurrency is virtually independent of economic crisis and inflation - money will remain with you regardless of world politics.

There are a lot of ways to withdraw money from the wallet, including specific codes that allow to transfer cryptocurrency directly from one user to another (p2p). Such codes are kind of digital analogues of the bank cheques. It does not include personal details and a wallet number - everything is done for your convenience and anonymity.

Safe and truly anonymous transactions

Crypto.Deals protects sellers and purchasers through a depositing mechanism. The idea is pretty simple: the service places a hold equal to the transaction amount on the purchaser’s account that guarantees his or her paying capacity. As soon as the seller implements the transaction terms, the payment is transferred to his account.

Crypto.Deals uses its own wallet for calculations. Neither a seller nor a purchaser will know each other’s payment details.

Independence from regional restrictions

Crypto.Deals servers are located in Switzerland and legally protected by Swiss data protection laws. The legislative policy of this country is tougher regarding disclosure of confidential information than in Europe or the US.

Moreover, it is possible to access the service through an anonymous TOR network, which allows you to work with the exchange from anywhere in the world.

Crypto.Deals is:

Exchange of BTC, LTC and Dash for ordinary currency

Crypto.Deals allows you to exchange any world currency for сryptocurrency. Exchange between traders and purchasers is direct - Crypto.Deals only helps the parties to find each other and ensures security of the transaction.

Access to offers from around the world and a convenient filter will help you find a reliable trader in your region who is ready to make an exchange under the most convenient terms.

You can keep several cryptocurrencies in one place

Every Crypto.Deals user has a personal secure multi-currency wallet. The wallet is convenient not only for paying for goods and services all around the world, but also for keeping cash assets.

Cryptocurrency is virtually independent of economic crisis and inflation - money will remain with you regardless of world politics.

User-friendly and intuitive interface

To sell or buy cryptocurrency on the Crypto.Deals exchange you just need to have a personal account. The service does not require a specification of a user's personal details during registration or multi-stage verification.

Purchase and sell of currency are available in relevant site section. All you need is just to look at the list of offers and choose the most advantageous one. Then send a request for transaction and wait until funds become available.

Stable earnings on trading

Currency trading is a popular source of additional income for many people, which does not depend on the main activity of the trader. Unlike usual currency trading, purchase and sale of cryptocurrency is much simpler and takes place directly between trader and buyer.

You can either independently control your buying or selling offers, as well as set up an automatic adjustment of the price with a link to the market price. You can give preference to significant earnings (with high involvement on your part) or a small but stable income than may be non-supervised.

Safety and security

We appreciate anonymity and security. Therefore, when creating the Crypto.Deals service, we foresaw and strengthened all possible information leakage channels:

  • User online chat is secured by the OTR encryption protocol;
  • Crypto.Deals servers are located in Switzerland and are legally protected by Swiss data protection laws.
  • Transaction logs are disabled on our servers - Crypto.Deals does not store information about IP-addresses, browsers and any users’ data;
  • Crypto.Deals servers do not use web-analytics systems, which collect user data;
  • Also you can easily delete your account.
For further protection of personal details and easy access to the system, you can use the TOR network, which operates all over the world, regardless of any restrictions.