Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We tried to make our platform as transparent and user-friendly as possible. Nevertheless, if you still have any questions you can try to find answers on this page.

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What is Crypto.Deals?
Crypto.Deals is a truly anonymous exchange for buying and selling of cryptocurrency. All transactions are conducted directly between users with the highest possible level of confidentiality. We encrypt all messages using OTR technology and do not store your personal information on our servers.
How to buy and sell cryptocurrency?

It is necessary to have a personal account to sell and buy cryptocurrency on the Crypto.Deals exchange. Registration does not require input of any personal data: all transactions are conducted under the users' IDs.

Important! The transaction passes through a trader and requires his or her confirmation. For quick buying or selling, choose traders who are online (with a green indicator).

You can buy a necessary amount of cryptocurrency in "Buy/Sell" section. Here you can choose offers to buy or sell. Choose a suitable one and study the details of the transaction. If you agree with all the terms, just click "Sent a request for transaction". Then you need to wait for the trader's confirmation and clear the payment. Transaction time is limited by the seller in accordance with the chosen payment method.

If you buy currency, send the seller a transfer in accordance with the terms of the transaction and after the payment procedure is completed click "Confirm payment" button. This action sends a message to the seller that he or she should transfer cryptocurrency to you. Once the seller confirms the transaction, bitcoins will be transferred to your account.

You can sell any amount of cryptocurrency in "Sell" section. Here you will see the offers to buy. Find a suitable offer for sale and confirm the agreement with the terms of a trader by clicking on the button "Send a request for transaction". Once the purchaser sends you money, you need to confirm its receipt. For example, if you sold bitcoins you should click "Send BTC" button.

You can also sell and buy bitcoins by creating your own offer. To do this, use the "Create an offer" button, which can be found on the "My offers" tab.

How am I protected against fraud?

Crypto.Deals provides protection of transactions by placing a transferring amount of money on hold on a suspense account. The procedure is called "deposition". When creating a transaction, the amount necessary for it is reserved prior to confirmation by the user. The seller is the first one who meets all the necessary conditions. If the payment has been made in an appropriate way, money is transferred to the seller. Neither the seller nor the purchaser knows each other's wallet number.

What are transaction limits?

The transaction limits are used to facilitate exchange between users. They are specified by traders when creating an offer to sell or to buy cryptocurrency in order to determine minimum and maximum amounts of the transaction. If you need to buy more cryptocurrency than the limit allows, use several offers from different traders.

How much does it cost to use Crypto.Deals?

Sign up at Crypto.Deals for free.

Charge for a buy/sell transaction is.

When sending a cryptocurrency, a network commission is charged. Free funds transfers between Crypto.Deals users.

How to send cryptocurrency?

If you have bought or received cryptocurrency, it will appear in your multi-currency Crypto.Deals wallet. You can transfer this money to the accounts of any users that accept cryptocurrency. To do this, in the "Wallet" section, choose the necessary cryptocurrency and open "Send" tab.

On the page, you need to specify payment options. You will need a receiving address. It should be provided by the recipient to whom you send money. Enter the address in "Address" field, enter the amount in "Amount" field, fill in additional fields if necessary, and click the "Send from the wallet" button.

How can I get cryptocurrency into my Crypto.Deals wallet?

You can get cryptocurrency into your wallet in two ways: replenish it from an outer source or buy currency through the service. To get cryptocurrency from an external source, use the "Get" tab in the "Wallet" section. Here you can use the current wallet address, or create a new one to specify it in an external source.

How long does it take to send cryptocurrency from my Crypto.Deals wallet and to receive it?

A period needed to complete a transaction in case of an intra-exchange purchase depends on the swiftness of traders' responses. If urgent purchasing or selling is needed, one may use an online ID-code in order to select a trader on the web.

It takes around 60 minutes to send cryptocurrency from your wallet to an external drive. If your transaction takes more time, there may be a problem related to overloading of the network. Crypto.Deals does not have anything to do with it. If sending or receiving takes more than three hours, make sure that the money has been sent by the user.

How is it possible to boost the security of my account?

Безопасность вашей учетной записи значительно повышает включение двухфакторной аутентификации. Также вы можете защититься следующими способами:

  1. Never mention your personal details, including when corresponding with traders.
  2. Use a strong password created specifically for Crypto.Deals.
  3. Exercise caution when entering information to sign in to your account. Make sure the website is not phishing.

How is it possible to apply two-factor authentication to my account?

You are able to switch on two-factor authentication in the “Settings” section. Here you can choose the most convenient authentication type: through email, Google Authenticator or universal U2F.

Is it possible to restore a deleted user account?

You can restore the deleted account within 7 days after deleting.

Is it safe to use the Tor Browser?

The Tor Browser is recommended to be used by exclusively advanced users who are experienced in network issues. This browser connects to the exchange through a number of proxy servers that can intercept traffic and steal keys to your wallet. With this information, an attacker is able to write off all your money from your account.

If you are using Tor, it is important to make sure that HTTPS data encryption protocol is enabled and that the server certificate complies with the Crypto.Deals exchange requirements.

I lost/forgot my user name, password, and e-mail address that I used to sign up for Crypto.Deals

If you have forgotten your account information, write to the support service. Describe your account in as much detail as possible in the query. Try to recall the personal details you specified in your account (phone number, user name, e-mail) and describe step by step what you were doing on the site during your recent visits.

How often do currency rates refresh in offers?

Crypto.Deals refreshes data every 5 minutes. Always clarify currency rates in transaction detailed information.